Only in Fragments

Based on experience of the expedition in Iceland, in the presented artwork I am trying to touch questions of fragmentary perception of the environment. How large is the footprint that we leave behind and how large impression does the environment leave in us? Is there a relationship between the amazement by the beauty or sublime of the perceived and responsibility for these phenomena?

The collection of presented artworks depicts fragmentary impressions of the natural environment in relation to different mental frameworks.

Far from the Real
Digital photography, acrylic glass. The effort and limitation of capturing and transmitting an image. One of the strongest impressions from the expedition. Bioluminescent jellyfish at low tide in the dock at Seydisfjördur.
40 x 70 cm

The Alu-mission
Black and white photomontage, aluminum frame.
42 x 28 cm

Iron construction profile, photomontage of a glacial river in sections.
8 x 4 x 300 cm

The Black Map
Black paint on folded paper with lava stone weights. The Map does not include a scale, therefore it may be a disturbing reflection on the possible size of the recorded area.
105 x 115 cm

At the End of a Waterfall
Digital print,
photomontage of sequential shots of Dettifoss waterfall. Reflection on the existence of the seen.
21 x 230 cm

Video and audio loop. Motion image of a flying bird in a nature reserve, which is infinitely monitored within the frame of the screen. A constant playback of a recollection.
Loop after 01'30"