48°11'22.200" N, 16°18'44.500" E
(title depending on current location)

size: 550 x 360 x 70 cm
painted carpet, sound


Thesis artwork. Visually, the object appears to be a three-dimensionally transformed domestic carpet. As if it had been stretched out to resemble a hill or mountain, it was assembled and sticked together from smaller pieces of a single coloured carpet, eventually painted to look like a merger of a landscape and motives from a decorative carpet Inside the object there is a device randomly producing a quiet rumbling sound. The title depends on the artwork's current location. For example "50°5'19.15"N, 14°24'53.45"E" was the title when displayed at the AAAD in Prague, 48°11'22.200''N, 16°18'44.500''E when diplayed in Vienna. The current coordinates are self-referential. Wherever it is installed, it is named according to the location.